The Prescott campus’ ALPA ACE Club was established in 2012. The ALPA ACE Club is a student-led organization that features monthly presentations by subject-matter experts arranged by ALPA Education Committee members on various aviation-related topics. Additionally, ACE Club members enjoy exclusive information from ALPA, including ALPA airlines’ pay rates and hiring requirements, networking opportunities with current ALPA pilots, and select Air Line Pilot magazine articles.

Recent activities

Technology has opened a lot of doors, and the ACE Club has used it to expand students' knowledge about the industry. During the 2017-18 academic year, students learned about the Association’s legislative efforts to protect and advance the piloting profession. A manager from ALPA's Government Affairs Department joined the group via video conference to give an overview of current issues and activities, while ALPA pilots were on hand in person to discuss how those issues affected their careers. In addition, the ACE Club held a "meet the airlines" session and a roundtable discussion for students to learn about the industry. The group continues to look at new ways to make connections, present materials, and keep content fresh.


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