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A day in my life is anything but ordinary.

Whether you fly passengers or cargo, no two days are alike in our business. You may wake up at home and rest your head in Paris that night. Below, four pilots—one mainline, one regional, one cargo, and one reserve—share their “A Day in the Life” stories.

Airline/Military Pilot

I balance a civilian career and the requirements of my military career—all in addition to home life with my family. 


Cargo Pilot

I transport cargo around the world, but it is a myth that we only fly in the middle of the night! 


Regional Pilot

I transport passengers domestically on a smaller airline that operates under a mainline brand. I am getting a line check today. What’s that? 


Mainline Pilot

I transport passengers to destinations around the world. Interested? 


Reserve Pilot

I cover shifts that are not assigned to another pilot, often on short notice.