Top Reasons to Become a Commercial Airline Pilot

  1. Fun. No words can adequately describe the absolute rush you feel flying an aircraft.
  2. Best office views. You just can’t beat the views!
  3. Flexible schedule. Being a professional airline pilot isn’t your typical Monday through Friday, 9-to-5 job. Airline operations are 24/7. Pilots bid for their schedules and are guaranteed days off in between trips—typically more than the two weekend days for a traditional job.
  4. Dynamic work environment. No two days are alike as you navigate through changing weather on routes to different cities around the world.
  5. Live where you want. Just because you’re based in a specific city doesn’t mean you need to live there. With flight and other benefits, pilots have a unique opportunity to live where they want (near family, a vacation destination, etc.) and commute to their domicile.
  6. Seniority matters. Your length of service means something. As your seniority number grows, your pay rate, schedule, and quality of life continue to improve.
  7. Unbeatable travel benefits. As a pilot, you have an opportunity to see the world, whether you’re on a layover or on vacation using flight benefits (which are often free or available at a nominal cost). Plus, you can share these benefits with your family and friends!