ALPA's outreach efforts at Western Michigan University (WMU) include a professional development program through which pilot volunteers attend meetings with aviation students to provide presentations on current issues and events, discuss the piloting profession and aviation industry, and answer questions.

WMU ACE Club student leaders meet weekly to organize and plan events, while larger presentations with guests occur on an occasional basis.

Recent activities

ALPA volunteers visited WMU for the annual fall Bronco Bash, a campus event that showcases all student organizations available to incoming freshmen. First officers Jim Giordano (Piedmont), Jimmy Harvey (Sun Country), and Anthony Montana (Piedmont) staffed ALPA’s ACE Club booth at the event. An estimated 25,000 students and community members attended the event, which provided students with ample opportunity to discuss the club and ALPA.


Want to get involved at WMU?

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