ERAU-DAB is where the first ALPA ACE Club was established in 2010 to create a medium where working airline pilots can bring elements of the airline profession and industry to the next generation of aviators. Since the inception of the ACE Club at DAB, it has gotten stronger with over 100 students belonging to the club. The students began organizing local field trips for club members as well.

Recent activities

The ACE Club meets on a monthly basis throughout the school year. The topics for these meetings cover a wide variety of issues, providing an opportunity for ALPA pilots to further bridge the gap between the classroom and the flight deck. In the last semester alone, students learned about a "typical" day in the life of an airline pilot, received interview tips and tricks, and information on international flight planning, safety and crew resource management procedures. Students also received all-access and guided tours of the United Airlines maintenance hangar in Orlando, Fla., as a way to use their classroom knowledge in real-world airline operations.


Want to get involved at ERAU-DAB? 

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