March 02, 2017

Pilots present "Landing Your Dream Job" at the 2017 International Women in Aviation Conference

ALPA pilots were among more than 4,500 participants at the 2017 International Women in Aviation Conference, March 2–4 in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

Kicking off the event, ALPA executive vice president F/O Karen Lacy (XJT) hosted an interview-prep workshop with help from Cage Marshall Consulting. Aimed at ALPA pilots looking for tips on interviewing with the mainline carriers, the workshop was part of the Fee-for-Departure Committee's series on career progression, which will continue in multiple cities this year.

Throughout the conference, ALPA volunteers were on hand connecting with ALPA members, engaging nonmembers on the benefits and resources of the union, and giving advice to students about the various paths to becoming an airline pilot. The ALPA booth in the conference exhibit hall attracted a steady flow of visitors thanks to our volunteer team of pilots and students.

On Saturday, ALPA national resource coordinator Capt. Paul Ryder (XJT), and F/Os Sara Wilson (ALA) and Claudia Zapata-Cardone (UAL) led a discussion on "Landing Your Dream Job" with interview tips from industry expert Angie Marshall. Each pilot shared insider advice and perspectives on how they navigated the path to a mainline carrier—popular topics for the audience of students, regional pilots, and members of the military.

Next year's WAI conference will run March 22–24, 2018, in Reno, Nev.