June 18, 2018

Take a Look Inside the Airline Pilot Career

Air Line Pilot Careers Magazine - ALPAAs the world’s largest pilots union and nongovernmental aviation safety organization, it makes perfect sense that ALPA would be the top source to provide you—tomorrow’s professional pilots—with a fresh and honest look at today’s airline industry. That’s why we’ve launched Air Line Pilot Careers.

This new magazine provides an aspiring aviator with a variety of useful information as you pursue a career as an airline pilot:

  • Salaries and benefits: See how airline pilot contracts across a range of ALPA carriers in the United States and Canada stack up when it comes to pay, minimum monthly guarantees, health care, retirement savings plans, and vacation and sick time.
  • Career progression: Which carriers offer programs to progress to flying for a mainline carriers?
  • Aviation Collegiate Education (ACE) Clubs: How to get involved with ACE Clubs and connect with ALPA pilot representatives at events throughout the country.
  • Feature content: Ice crystals in your engine, federal opioid regulations and the expansion of U.S. drug testing categories, and cargo operations.

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